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Smaller Towns Get Smarter

June 22, 2015:  Warwick, Pa., population 15,000, has collected sustainability indicators for two decades, and is now putting these indicators in one centralized system so leaders can easily see long-term trend visualizations for sustainability.

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Breaking In: How Tech Entrepreneurs are Changing Government

November 4, 2014: Some tech entrepreneurs are making headway, delivering a range of tools to improve government and ultimately better the lives of citizens.  For a long time tech entrepreneurs have battered against the ramparts, looking for a way to breach the walls of government with services they believed could further civic aims. They are finally getting through.

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Dashboard Helps Franklin Lakes, Millburn and Princeton Be More Transparent to Citizens

October 9, 2014:   Parsippany startup Revelstone has introduced a citizen-facing product — the Public Performance Dashboard — for municipalities that are measuring the impact of their services using the company’s platform.   The Public Performance Dashboard is an easy way for citizens to see how various municipal services are being implemented.

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Local Governments Open Data with Performance Dashboard

August 18, 2014:  Two New Jersey municipalities are using a data dashboard to track departmental performance and showcase their work to the public. Franklin Lakes and Millburn are both using a data tracking and visualization tool called Public Performance Dashboard, created by Revelstone, a startup launched in 2011 and assisted through Code for America’s Accelerator in 2012. The tool is giving local governments the opportunity to ask questions and change things for the better.

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Performance dashboards in the public sector – Borough of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

July 8, 2014:   The public sector has recently started to show an increased interest in being more transparent and making different institutions’ performance results available to citizens. “Making this information publicly available goes a long way towards helping our citizens understand how we manage the Borough and how we provide services”, says Borough of Franklin Lakes Administrator, Gregory C. Hart.

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Franklin Lakes police field more service calls as crime decreases

June 26, 2014 — Police handled a big increase in service calls after security and traffic initiatives were undertaken, rebounding from a morale-eroding leadership controversy that saw traffic summonses decrease almost a third in 2011. And crime in the borough has declined steadily the past six years. That's the picture presented by breakdowns of police performance from a new Franklin Lakes' data website set up to enhance transparency and effective management.

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Revelstone's John Fry speaking on: Sharing Performance Data: Public and Peer

February 19, 2014 -  The Association of Government Accountants, (AGA) has invited Revelstone’s own John Fry, to lead an audio webinar on Sharing Performance Data.  Performance data is useful for many purposes.  At least two of these purposes involve the sharing of government performance data outside of your organization, in both cases to the benefit of your organization.  This webinar will investigate what is being done by some municipalities and counties to make performance data available to the public. 

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Tracking government efficiency: Parsippany company's software to help towns analyze, share data

July 29, 2013 -  Featured on the front page the Sunday Daily Record, this article discusses how several Morris County, NJ towns have begun using Revelstone's product to help mprove performance and create efficiencies. The Daily Record, with the help of Mark Nelson, CEO, takes a look into performance management and benchmarking and it's role in today's local governments. 

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Teaneck set to use new software to track various municipal services

Nj.com discuss how Teaneck is is utilizing Compass to faciliate shared services. Work with NNJCF, the towns plan to load historical data into Compass to begin making immediate comparisons and long term trends. 

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Spotlight on NJ Tech Startups: Revelstone’s Mark Nelson, Part 2

In part 2 of the NJTechWeekly.com interview with Mark Nelson, Revelstone Co-founder and COO, dives into the company’s web product, Compass, and how New Jersey municipalities and counties are finding out about the tool and using it as a platform to help track, measure, benchmark and compare their operational performance. 

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Spotlight on NJ Tech Startups: Revelstone’s Mark Nelson, Part 1

In this two-part segment, NJTechWeekly.com interviewed Mark Nelson, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Revelstone, to discuss how the startup was gaining traction in its home state of New Jersey. Having signed up some 25 towns including Barnegat, Franklin Lakes, Medford, Morristown, Princeton, Roselle and Somerdale, Mark describes how he is optimistic about the future of his firm, saying Revelstone is filling a pressing need here and in other states.

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Revelstone shares lesson learned from the civic startup trenches

After a few years in the civic startup trenches, Revelstone has learned a thing or two about building a new business targeting government’s analytical needs. Read the Govfresh interview with Revelstone COO, Mark Nelson, to find out how our company has evolved, what our biggest challenge has been and the advice we can give to other civic startups.

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The Talk of the Towns & Topics features Revelstone in their annual Technology Issue

In the April issue of the New York Association of Towns, Talk of the Towns & Topics newsletter, Revelstone’s own Mark Nelson, COO contributed an article on dashboards emerging as a useful tool for municipalities. In this article Mark discusses how municipal dashboards provide many benefits, including: a central place for all your data, visibility into the operations of each department and an early warning system that alerts you when changes might need to be made. Mark also highlights how today’s new web-based performance management software tools can easily automate the import of data in Excel files, text files and transactional data so that with a dashboard, municipalities can essentially ‘set it and forget it.’

Find out how your municipality can benefit from dashboards by reading the full article here.

Parsippany Patch: Parsippany Software Firm Helps Towns—Including Its Own—Boost Efficiency

Towns and small cities in New Jersey are able to operate more efficiently and effectively thanks to the efforts of a Parsippany-based business.

Software company Revelstone works with more than 20 municipalities in the state—and others in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin—to analyze the performance of key services and departments such as police, fire and public works to allow their officials to make decisions based on real data, not assumptions. That leads to more effective government, according to Revelstone Chief Operation Officer Mark Nelson.

"These towns are interested in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the services they deliver to their citizens," Nelson told Patch. "Revelstone Compass lets them look at real data and ask questions like 'How is my town doing?' 'What can we be doing better?' 'What can we learn to make improvements?'"

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Revelstone’s COO invited to speak at the Efficient Gov Network’s December Meeting

On December 3, 2012, Mark Nelson, COO of Revelstone will be travelling to Northeast Ohio to present at the Efficient Gov Network’s (EGN) December member meeting.  The EGN is a network within Northeast Ohio that encourages the acceleration of government collaboration and efficiency by providing funds to local government projects as selected by the residents of that region. Mark will be presenting on the topic of creating government efficiencies using performance analytics and how Revelstone can help municipalities manage better, make smarter decisions and strengthen accountability to citizens.

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GovTech: Big City Metrics Go Local

A new startup is offering data analytics software to smaller municipalities that could once only look at the tools of larger cities with envy. The startup, called Revelstone, released a web-based application called Compass that local governments can use to track things like 911 response time and compare their metrics with other municipalities.

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Fast Company: Revelstone is a Google Analytics for Local Governments by Ariel Schwartz

Fast Company highlights how Revelstone Compass can track and compare performance to other municipalities, bringing some aspects of the smart city to smaller towns. Read Ariel Schwartz's article on Revelstone.

Sometimes it seems like major cities around the world announce big-data-driven initiatives on a daily basis. But what about smaller municipalities? They’ve been hit just as hard with the down economy and could benefit just as much from data tools that let them track and measure performance. A new startup called Revelstone, which offers web-based analytics software that allows both cities and towns to track their operating performance and benchmark with other local governments, hopes to help.

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Revelstone to lead an educational session during the Rutgers University “Snow & Ice Removal” short course.

John Fry, Program Manager of Government Solutions at Revelstone, has once again been invited to lead an educational session during the "Snow and Ice Removal" short course hosted by Rutgers University on December 5, 2012 at the Cook Campus Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. John's presentation will focus on Benchmarking: What it is, and how it can provide managers with information to perform their management control functions, measure performance and improve the quality of services delivered.

This popular one-day snow plowing and ice removal course provides strategies and solutions for anyone who clears roads, lots and sidewalks. The course includes separate sessions for private contractors and public grounds managers, including schools, colleges and hospitals. The audiences meet for cross-cutting topics such as equipment, weather forecasting, anti-icing techniques, and the legal issues involved with snow removal. A public sector session of this course includes establishing best practices, designing efficient routes, and training strategies, while the private sector session covers topics like pricing, marketing, contracts, and integrating snow removal with existing clients and services.

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Revelstone to attend the Shared Services Expo in Cleveland, OH

Across the state of Ohio, communities are utilizing shared services to improve their operations and reduce costs. The Shared Services EXPO represents the first statewide meeting where these outstanding shared service models and practices will be highlighted and practical advice will be provided to those interested in collaborative shared service projects. Over 100 mayors, city managers, superintendents, city CFOs/treasurers/business managers and companies all sharing in the vision for efficient government, will gather for this Expo. The event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at the Idea Center at PlayhouseSquare in Cleveland, OH.

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GovFresh: Revelstone brings 'Moneyball' to government by Luke Fretwell

GovFresh highlights the products and start-ups powering the civic revolution.  Read Luke Fretwell's interview with Revelstone's Mark Nelson.

Give us the 140-character elevator pitch.

Revelstone provides a web-based performance analytics and benchmarking platform to help local governments manage better.

What problem does Revelstone solve for government?

The economy has been harsh on local governments, and municipal leaders are being asked to do more with fewer resources. Revelstone Compass provides the analytical tools to identify areas to become more cost effective and efficient, helping them to answer three basic questions:

  • How are we doing?
  • What could we be doing better?
  • How can we learn from our peers to improve?

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GovTech: Code for America Names Seven Civic Startups

On Oct. 30, Code for America announced the seven San Francisco startup companies in its inaugural class of civic accelerator startups -- a program that provided each company with $25,000 and four months free access to local workspace to build their ideas.

These seven civic startups are developing real, sustainable solutions for challenges faced by government; they were chosen from more than 235 applicants by Tim O'Reilly, Ron Bouganim and a board of government technology leaders.

“Code for America has helped us refine our tools, and deliver them to preparing communities," said Caitria O’Neill, CEO of Recovers, one of the participating companies. "In just a few months, they’ve taken us from good-hearted idea, to technology company,”

With the help of the accelerator, many of the companies have received attention from investors and “infinitely multiplied their networks of government contacts,” Code for America stated in a press release.

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Mashable: How Code for America is Reinventing Government by Lauren Drell

By 2030, it’s estimated that more than 5 billion people will live in urban settings. Therefore, it’s imperative for cities to integrate technology into their infrastructure so that metropolitan areas can sustain this rapid growth in population.

With hackathons and app challenges, we’ve seen the emergence of civic startups, like SeeClickFix, and we’re now seeing the rise of “civic accelerators.”

We all know startup accelerators like Y Combinator and 500 Startups — they’ve given rise to game-changing companies like Dropbox, Airbnb and Wildfire Interactive, which was acquired by Google earlier this year.

Civic accelerators, on the other hand, hone startups that are focused on leveraging technology and government data to make cities run better. The organization putting the biggest stake in the ground is Code for America, launched in 2009 by Jennifer Pahlka, who describes it as “a Peace Corps for geeks.”

“Technology is making it possible to fundamentally reframe the function of government in a way that can actually scale by strengthening civil society,” says Pahlka in a TED talk (below). The web enables neighbors and fellow citizens to easily connect, but for cities to benefit, the government needs to get involved to, as Pahlka explains it, “architect the systems the right way.” CfA’s fellowship program is a step in that direction.

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Revelstone joins hundreds of leaders in civic technology at the 2012 Code for America Summit

As an inaugural member of Code for America’s (CFA) Accelerator Program, Revlestone will be attending the 2012 CFA Summit, an invitation-only event where more than 200 leaders and innovators come together to share insight and create conversations around the vision, opportunities, and challenges facing civic technology today. Taking place October 1-3, 2012, the Summit provides a rare opportunity for leaders both inside of government and out to gain fresh perspectives on solutions, lessons learned, and how to turn talk into action. Attendees include city government staff and officials who are working towards a new vision of local government, civic-focused foundations, investors and businesses, and thought leaders in government as a platform and innovation. During the event Revelstone will have the opportunity to communicate its vision of helping local governments operate more efficiently with performance analytics.

*Now posted: Check out Revelstone's CEO, Ken Wolf, present on performance analytics and our Compass solution. Click the "Learn more" link below to view the CFA Summit video!

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Revelstone profiled in NJ Company Roundup: Startup News

Another startup, Parsippany-based Revelstone, which NJTechWeekly.com first noticed at a Venture Association of New Jersey event last year, was accepted into the inaugural Code for America (CFA) Accelerator in San Francisco. The company’s Compass software is a cloud-based performance management system for municipalities that helps them improve operational efficiency. CFA is a nonprofit trying to make government more like the Internet: more open, efficient and collaborative.

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Revelstone selected to present at The Community Indicators Consortium’s Impact Summit 2012

The Community Indicators Consortium has accepted Revelstone’s proposal to lead a session on “Turning economic challenges into efficiencies with Lean Performance Management.” Mark Nelson, COO, will lead this session which will focus on the benefits of a Lean Performance Management program and the strategies on how local governments can get started.

Community Indicators Consortium (CIC) is a learning network and community of practice for people engaged in the field of community indicators and their application and is organized around the belief that information sharing across key areas of interest is an essential element of intentional community improvement. Their annual Impact Summit will showcase leading measuring and monitoring initiatives, impact and communications strategies, and innovations in community health, sustainability, education, economic development and more.

The conference will take place November 15-16 at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center in College Park, MD.

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Revelstone announces Municipal Research Survey on Service Cuts

Revelstone is conducting a research survey on the impact of service cuts within local governments and we would like your help. With budget restraints and increased citizen demands, we are looking to provide insight into how prevalent service cuts are within municipalities. If you represent a local municipality please take 3-5 minutes of your time to help us in our research. The survey is completely anonymous and we will not be collecting personal data. We will be publishing the survey findings on July 20, 2012 so stay tuned for the results! 

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Revelstone’s COO named as speaker for the Smart Cities Virtual Summit

Mark Nelson, COO of Revelstone, will be leading a data analytics and benchmarking session for the Smart Cities virtual event taking place on June 28, 2012. This entirely online event, sponsored by the Smart Grid Observer, will take an in-depth look at the drivers behind the advent of the smart city, the state of enabling technologies, and the strategies necessary for effectively realizing the vision. The Smart Grid Observer provides the latest news and information on a daily basis concerning key technology developments, deployment updates, standards work, business issues, and market trends driving the global smart grid industry.

Mark’s session will take place from 2:30-3:15pm and will examine several municipal case studies that show how building a performance culture with data analytics and benchmarking can drive higher performance and operational efficiencies.  

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Revelstone COO, Mark Nelson, will be leading an AGA audio conference on the “Five myths of performance management.”

The Association of Government Accountants, (AGA) has invited Revelstone’s own COO, Mark Nelson, to lead an audio conference on the “Five myths of performance management.” On Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 2pm ET Mark will reveal what Revelstone research has found to be the five myths of performance management that have plagued leaders for decades. During the audio session Mark will debunk these myths and discuss how you can start managing better with quantifiable metrics and help make data-driven decisions in your jurisdiction quickly, easily and cost effectively.

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Revelstone featured in the technology issue of Talk of the Towns magazine

Revelstone's lean approach to performance management was featured in the March/April issue of Talk of the Towns published by The Association of Towns of the State of New York. The article compares the classic model of government performance management, to a lean model, which enables small to moderate sized municipalities to attain all the benefits of the larger model but do so on a practical level with limited analytic information and technology resources. The lean approach uses Revelstone's own measure, compare, learn...improve framework. Click here to read the full article.    

Revelstone invited to speak at the Southeast Morris League for Strategic Solutions

The Southeast Morris League for Strategic Solutions (SEAMLESS), has invited Mark Nelson, COO of Revlstone, to speak at their upcoming meeting on the topic of performance management and benchmarking. Mark's discussion will focus on how municipalities can create a performance culture and strategies to help administrators manage better and start having meaningful data-driven discussions with council, employees, business owners and citizens.

The meeting will take place May 1, 2012 at 8:00am in the Madison Public Library, Madison, NJ.

Ken Wolf, Revelstone’s CEO, has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the Morris County Economic Development Corporation’s Municipal Summit

The Morris County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) invited Revelstone’s CEO, Ken Wolf, to speak at their 9th Annual Municipal Summit. Ken will be demonstrating how four Morris County towns will soon be measuring performance across all departments. The Summit will take place on March 14, 2012 starting at 5:00pm at the County College of Morris located in Randolph, NJ.

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Revelstone scheduled to speak at the Somerset County Mayors' Roundtable

On Wednesday, March 7, 2012 Mark Nelson, COO of Revelstone, will lead a discussion on performance management to the Somerset County Mayors' Roundtable. The roundtable is run by the Somerset County Freeholders and hosts a varied agenda often featuring guest speakers. Revelstone is excited to have been invited to this event and for the opportunity to bring our "lean" approach to performance management to this group of local government leaders.

Revelstone welcomed as a member of the New Jersey Conference of Mayors (NJCM) Business Council

The only state organization of its kind, the NJCM Business Council represents a partnership of Mayors and business that seek common grounds to develop solutions to the challenges that face both the public and private sectors throughout the state. Through becoming a member, Revelstone shares in the Council’s belief that creative public/private partnerships will be a major force in shaping municipalities and that effective communication will result in a shared growth and prosperity between government and their business partners.

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Revelstone Plays a Part in the Sustainable Future of Morristown, NJ

Morristown has been at the forefront of New Jersey’s sustainability movement and Revelstone is excited to be a part of the town’s flourishing efforts.    

Home to a building considered to be one of the greenest in the state, Morristown continues to embark on several new efforts to create a sustainable future and improve the lives of its citizens.  

One of these efforts includes implementing Compass, Revelstone’s performance management software and the only comprehensive platform for government performance management. Through Compass, local governments can discover how to manage better, make smarter decisions and operate more efficiently. Revelstone is dedicated to empowering towns such as Morristown, improve the services they deliver while strengthening accountability to citizens-leading to overall improvements in the communities we help serve.

Click "Learn More" to read the full article as published in the Daily Record.

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Revelstone invited to speak at the New Jersey Conference of Mayors 2012 kickoff workshop series

The New Jersey Conference of Mayors (NJCM) has invited Revelstone’s Ken Wolf, CEO and John Fry, Program Manager of Municipal Solutions to present on the topic of Performance Measurement and Management at their 2012 kickoff workshop series taking place on Friday, January 27that 9:00am ET. The event is part of the NJCM Business Council which represents the only state organization of its kind through the establishment of a common platform which identifies a common ground to develop solutions in order to meet challenges that face both the public and private sectors throughout the state.  The meeting will be held at the NJCM Headquarters Office located in Trenton, NJ.

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Revelstone’s Mark Nelson will lead a Performance Management discussion at the Montgomery County Consortium of Communities

Mark Nelson, Chief Operating Officer at Revelstone, has been invited to speak on the topic of Performance Management at the March meeting of the Montgomery County Consortium of Communities (MCCC). The MCCC represents nearly 40 communities within Montgomery County and meets monthly to discuss and study community challenges of mutual interest and concern, and to develop policy and action recommendations for ratification and implementation by member local governments. The meeting will take place on March 16, 2012 in Franconia Township, PA.

Mark has presented on this topic at other Pennsylvania County Consortiums including Bucks and Chester counties. See below for prior speaking events.

Mark Nelson, COO of Revelstone, scheduled to speak at the Chester County Managers Consortium

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, Revelstone’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Nelson will be appearing as a guest speaker at the Chester County Managers Consortium in Frazer, Pennsylvania. The Consortium is open to all township, borough, and city managers within Chester County. Meetings take place monthly at the Great Valley Sheraton Hotel starting at 8:00AM and focus on pertinent manager issues and current happenings. Mark will be presenting on the topic of performance management for local governments. This is Mark's second appearance at a Pennsylvania County Consortium addressing this topic.

MSNBC - Nightly News - Tough budget cuts: Doing Less With Less

Brian Williams and Kerry Sanders of MSNBC Nightly News discuss how tough economic times for city and state governments translate into budget cuts unforeseen just a few years ago.

Revelstone's Program Manager of Municipal Solutions, John Fry, will be presenting at the Rutgers University “Snow and Ice Removal” short course.

John Fry, Program Manager of Municipal Solutions at Revelstone, has been invited to lead an educational session during the "Snow and Ice Removal" short course hosted by Rutgers University on December 1, 2011 at the Cook Campus Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. John's presentation will focus on Benchmarking: What it is, and how it can provide managers with information to perform their management control functions, measure performance and improve the quality of services delivered.

This popular one-day snow plowing and ice removal course provides the latest guidance, strategies and solutions for anyone who clears roads, lots and sidewalks in winter. The course includes separate sessions for private contractors and public grounds managers, including schools, colleges and hospitals. The audiences meet together for cross-cutting topics, such as: equipment options, weather forecasting, use of de-icing and anti-icing chemicals, and equipment options.

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Revelstone's COO Speaking at Bucks County Consortium of Communities

Mark Nelson, Revelstone’s Chief Operating Officer, will be a guest speaker at the October meeting of the Bucks County Consortium of Communities on October 6, 2011 in the Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania. The Consortium is a forum for intergovernmental cooperation and communication among many of the 52 incorporated municipalities in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Members are committed to the value of regional cooperation among local governments through the successful operation of a wide variety of inter-municipal programs. Mark will be discussing performance management for local governments.

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Revelstone Announced as a Corporate Partner of The New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA)

Revelstone joined the New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA), an organization of professional local government administrators and assistants whose goal is to improve the quality of local government in New Jersey. By joining the NJMMA's Corporate Partner Program, Revelstone is expressing their interest in local government in New Jersey and their support of the NJMMA.

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