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Lean Performance Management: A Practical Approach for Use in Local Government

This whitepaper elaborates the considerations that should go into the design of a performance management system that would provide all the benefits of a comprehensive system, but do so in a way that could be implemented at a low cost with reasonable staff commitments. It ties these considerations to currently existing changes in technology and the experience and knowledge that came from the prior efforts of others.

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Beyond Transparency: Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation

Code for America, the non-profit organization inspired by tech industry thinker and leader Tim O’Reilly, launched its new book Beyond Transparency: Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation.  Revelstone's CEO and team are proud to have authored Chapter 18, "Benchmarking Performance Data.”  The book chapter is available for download at no charge. 

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Revelstone - Service Cuts Research Report

Revelstone conducted a research survey on service delivery cuts for municipalities. We define “service cuts” as a reduction in service delivery, not just a simple budget cut (a budget cut is a reduction in funding while attempting to deliver the same service; a service cut is an intentional reduction in the number or amount of services delivered). For example, reducing the number of sanitation workers is a budget cut; changing from a two-day a week sanitation pickup to a one-day a week sanitation pick up is a service cut.  See the results now!

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The Local Squeeze

According to the latest report by The Pew Charitable trusts, falling revenues and growing demand for services is challenging cities, counties and school districts at unprecedented levels. While states slowly recover in the wake of the Great Recession, local governments have been hit with a one-two punch: State aid and property taxes, which together account for mmore than half of local revenues, are dropping simultaneously for the first time since 1980. The blow comes as demand for government services rises, dirven by stubborn unemployment rates, population growth, and other factors.

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A Performance Management Framework for State and Local Government

‪The National Performance Management Advisory Commission developed the performance management framework to help governments move beyond measuring and reporting those measures to managing performance toward improved results. The commission created the framework expressly for public managers and public officials, who must provide leadership for initiating and sustaining performance management because they have primary responsibility for achieving results.‬

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