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Do your meetings include data-driven discussions?

Whether you are an inspirational leader, an experienced administrator or a newbie figuring out how to have a positive impact on your local government, you can complement your “natural” abilities with data-driven management techniques.  The IBM Center for the Business of Government thinks so too, and recently published A Guide to Data-Driven Performance Reviews written by the Urban Institute’s  Harry Hatry, a long-time leader in measuring performance.  In this article Hatry focuses on managing with data, not just on the measurement, which I have long believed is the key to why we measure. Warning:  This article might be discouraging because it addresses the management of performance in large federal agencies.  However, the insights in this paper are useful for small to moderate size municipalities if we use a lean performance management perspective.  Those key concepts are: Ongoing and regular meetings Involvement of the chief executive or chief administrator in the meetings A data-driven meeting agenda based on reviewing key measures and determining actions to address them Determining objectives, following up…

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Lessons from Baggage Claim – What NOT to Measure

I recently took a business trip to the west coast where I had with me a small briefcase and my carry-on bag which would easily fit in the overhead compartment of the airplane.   I was not traveling on my usual airline, so I didn’t have any special boarding privileges.  However, since I was seated in a forward row, my section was the last to board. By the time my section began to board, the gate agents claimed that there was no space left in the overhead bins and I would have to check my bag, picking it up later in baggage claim.  Oh, what fun.  I was skeptical, but complied, nonetheless. I was somewhat surprised and slightly miffed when I boarded the aircraft to discover that there was plenty of room overhead.  Too late—the doors were closing.  Why would they have told me otherwise?  “Well,” I thought, “I’ll never let that happen again.” On the next leg of my trip I was in the same predicament (and traveling on the…

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Revelstone does its part in “Creating a Community with a Common Vision”

Creating a Community with a Common Vision was the theme behind this year’s New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) Annual Conference, and as a first-time exhibitor, Revelstone was excited not only to participate but also to offer a solution for local governments that tied directly into this messaging. On November 15th-17th over 10,000 attendees gathered down in Atlantic City for what is considered to be the largest gathering of public officials in New Jersey.  Over this three-day event, the NJLM hosted educational panels, clinics and workshops while commercial, government and association exhibits displayed the latest products and services for municipal government.  The Revelstone team had the opportunity to participate in these sessions, tour the exhibit floor and network with new and familiar faces. As an exhibitor, our goal was to communicate how Revelstone is helping local governments operate more efficiently.  Through our innovative performance management solution, Compass, we are enabling local governments to track their own performance data, benchmark against peers and learn from each other to improve. We believe…

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