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Municipality meltdown: Is your town headed toward a financial crisis?

This article landed on the front page of the New York Times. I urge you to read it and start thinking about the actions your town should make to avoid a municipal meltdown. From California to New York, municipalities across the nation are facing a financial emergency. An emergency so extreme, that it will require officials to make difficult choices in order to avoid potential seizures from state oversight boards. These choices are not easy to make. Think about your own town and ask yourself, “Would I rather cut the police force patrolling my streets or the number of teachers in my schools?” Your answer would probably be neither, but what if you are one of the many municipalities that HAVE to make this choice? This is a harsh reality for many government officials, but the truth is municipalities didn’t get there overnight—these meltdowns have been years in the making. The economy, falling property values and rising pension costs are all factors in the equation for failing local governments. Municipalities…

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The Five Myths of Performance Management and Benchmarking: Myth #2—I can’t compare to others; I’m unique

Performance management is not a new topic in municipal governments, yet its use is often limited to only the biggest of cities.  Through our research and working with municipalities of all sizes, we have identified The Five Myths of Performance Management that have plagued municipal leaders for decades.  At Revelstone, we are determined to help debunk these myths and demonstrate how you can start managing better with quantifiable metrics, depend less on anecdotal stories and help make data-driven decisions in your jurisdiction quickly, easily and cost effectively. Myth #2—I can’t compare to others; I’m unique. You’ve heard this myth before… possibly in your own town.  “We can’t compare to other towns because we have a _____ [insert one of the following: a shopping mall, a university, a downtown district, a volunteer fire department, etc.] and the other towns near us don’t have that.”  It’s the classic apples-to-oranges comparison dilemma.  While it may be true that your neighboring towns might not have a mall or volunteer fire department like you do,…

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