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Why I decided to intern at Revelstone this summer – Kelly Bryden’s story

Hello! My name is Kelly Bryden. I am the graphic design intern at Revelstone and I thought I would share a little about my experience interning here for the summer. After returning from four months in Florence, Italy, furthering my studies in graphic design, I was looking for a summer job that I could further build and practice my skills. While interviewing with the marketing team I became immediately excited about the position they were offering. They told me they are looking for new fresh designs and that my projects would include making new graphics for their promotions and events, creating new ads to sell their company, and new images for their website. Little did they know that all they had to say was “you get to do what you love” and I would have been sold. Not only did I learn and practice my skills as a graphic designer at Revelstone, but I also learned a lot about their company and how a business works. Being an art student,…

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The Five Myths of Performance Management and Benchmarking Myth #5 – I don’t know where to begin

Performance management is not a new topic in municipal governments, yet its use is often limited to only the biggest of cities.  Through our research and working with municipalities of all sizes, we have identified The Five Myths of Performance Management that have plagued municipal leaders for decades.  At Revelstone, we are determined to help debunk these myths and demonstrate how you can start managing better with quantifiable metrics, depend less on anecdotal stories and help make data-driven decisions in your jurisdiction quickly, easily and cost effectively. Myth #5— I don’t know where to begin If you have read past blog posts here, you probably know that I spend a great deal of my time speaking with municipal leaders talking about performance management.  “I don’t know where to begin,” is probably the one phrase I hear most often, giving rise to this myth.  What I find interesting is that most municipal managers can extol the benefits of performance management: Communicating goals clearly both to the public and within the organization…

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Government Performance Management and the 21st Century Digital Government

The White House recently issued a Presidential Memo—”Building a 21st Century Digital Government”—directed to the heads of Executive Departments and Agencies.  The memo provides the major federal agencies with a 12-month technology roadmap, including how to deliver digital services and how to make applicable government information available to the public.  But most significantly, the memo included, as an integral portion of the edict, a directive to include measurement. Excerpt from Memo: “The Strategy will enable more efficient and coordinated digital service delivery by requiring agencies to establish specific, measurable goals for delivering better digital services; encouraging agencies to deliver information in new ways that fully utilize the power and potential of mobile and web-based technologies; ensuring the safe and secure delivery and use of digital services to protect information and privacy; requiring agencies to establish central online resources for outside developers and to adopt new standards for making applicable Government information open and machine-readable by default; aggregating agencies’ online resource pages for developers in a centralized catalogue on; and…

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