I believe governments can operate better

Why don’t governments have the newest and coolest software and technology?

I’m not sure I can answer that question, but Code for America is on a mission to change governments for the better. Have you heard of Code for America? It’s a small group of smart, talented and dedicated people with a mission to improve the experience of governments by delivering simple-to-use and beautifully designed software that helps governments operate in the 21st century. At Revelstone, we have the privilege of working with the Code for America team in the newly created Accelerator program.

I’m writing this post on the plane as I fly home from our first full week in Code for America’s San Francisco offices, and I couldn’t be more energized at the prospect of helping governments become more efficient. When we started Revelstone just a couple of years back, I sat in a room with my co-founders and we envisioned a world where municipal leaders could sit at their desks, easily find their peer cities and learn new and innovative solutions to their current challenges. In this new world, when a problem arises, they no longer find themselves isolated to solve the problem on their own. Revelstone’s analytical tools help these local governments collaborate, share and learn best practices from a vast network of municipal leaders.

Why am I so excited? We have joined the Code for America team and found a group of people who share a common goal. We all believe governments can operate better and we are determined to develop the tools and software to make that a reality.

Do you think governments can operate better? Tell us what you are doing to help.

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  1. Pamela Fogarty says: ()

    As a mayor of a small municipality, I can vouch for needing something to bring us to the 21 st. century. I will do all i can to help.

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